open a netcdf and add a variable in c#

May 31, 2012 at 5:21 AM

dear I'm strongly to import netcdf in a software to work I have firt to add a variable

I succeed using ncdump to ascii and modify the ascii and with ncgen I recreate the file.

This is nice but I have thousand of file to modify. That why I look to the c#wrapper to do it.

but I m hnaging with this.  basicaly I need to add a variable call "Peak_Height" as float with the dimention equal to the peak_number.

in the following ncdump I have added to make it work in the variable section:

float peak_heigth(peak_number) ;

if you have any idea and suggestio to make it with the warpper I ll be very happy.


my ncdump ascii info

   _2_byte_string = 2 ;
    peak_number = 58 ;
   float detector_maximum_value ;
   float detector_minimum_value ;
   float peak_retention_time(peak_number) ;
   float peak_area(peak_number) ;
   float peak_area_percent(peak_number) ;